Shoes look best when they're lived in. 

Unique design]

Inspired by the beauty of nature, handmade espadrilles from Spain will make you feel like walking on air. Get your one of a kind piece.
[NEW IN: Paralized Ocean]

Espadirlles made of thatch and 100% natural leather with unique patterns of ocean.

Cosmopolitan style]

Thoughtfully crafted espadrilles that carry you through the world with style and ease.
​​​​​Feel what it's like to walk on sunshine.
[NEW IN: Sunshine Feet]

Footwear made of 100% natural leather and paint, inspired by the colors of sun.

Help us define your style]

100% natural

Espadrilles made in Spain]

Inspired by nature]

comfort on every step


style over fashion]

customized for you

artful and elegant

Quality speaks for itself!

Handmade from scratch

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